Missy Starkel-Owner 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Our Vision

Missy has lived in the White Mountains for most of her life. She accepts people where they are in life and works with them to embrace themselves with self-compassion. She has six years of experience as a therapist and enjoys working with children and adults alike. She uses toys and playfulness to connect with children and build rapport. Missy uses humor in her approach connecting with her clients. She has a masters degree in social work and an undergraduate degree in exercise and wellness with an emphasis in health promotion.   She has experience in end of life care, crisis debriefing, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, and is a clinical supervisor for other therapists. 

  • Provide counseling support services inclusive and re­spectful of the individual's perspective and life's decisions.


  • Provide skills and tools in order to adapt and successfully manage the day to day stressors and crises that every human being encounters in life. 


  • Provide evidenced based therapy in order to bring about effective change. 


  • Work collaboratively with clients, their families, and supports to ensure they are prepared for a meaningful and productive life. 

We subscribe to the social work values of:

  • Service

  • Social justice

  • Dignity and worth of the person

  • Importance of human relationships

  • Integrity

  • Competence

Our Values